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Driveway FAQs

Covering Middlesbrough, Teesside and York, Driveline Concrete is your one-stop shop for a full external refurbishment. Our services include Patios, Waste License, Driveways, Tarmacadam (Tarmac), Block paving and natural sandstone driveways and patios.

We also undertake brickwork and garden walls as well as Soft and Hard Landscaping including turfing. Free quotes are available on all of our services. Call us for more information or to arrange your free quotation.

Driveline Concrete; Hard landscaping professionals in Middlesbrough specialise in patios, paving and driveways. Our customers often have a few questions about driveways that as fully insured driveway specialists we are confident in answering:

My Driveway/Patio has sunk, why?

Driveways can sink because of differing reasons. One common occurrence is that the driveway has not been dug out deep enough, sometimes driveways have been laid using the incorrect materials, and the sand may not be the correct type of sand for your driveway or too deep. If you have a question about your driveway then call us for advice and a free quote.

Weeds keep growing in my driveway, how can I stop this?

If a driveway is laid correctly then weeds should not penetrate the surface in the first few years at least. This could be for a number of reasons; loose materials, gaps in the surface. The problem will only worsen if the driveway or patio is left.

Are you insured to work on my Driveway?

Yes, we have full liability insurance to carry out our work. You can see our certificate of liability insurance here.

Do you have a waste license?

Yes, we have a waste carrier license to dispose of any materials from your old driveway or patio legally.

If you have any other questions then please get in touch with Driveline Concrete, professional and reliable driveway contractors covering the North East of England.

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