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Covering Teesside & York

Patterned Concrete

Well-Made Concrete Driveways & Patios

Create the property you’ve always wanted with expert concrete work from Driveline in Middlesbrough, Cleveland. We create well-made concrete patios and driveways to make your home or business look its best.

Driveway - Concrete Patios

Removal or Installation

Replace your crumbling driveway or patio with beautiful new concrete. We remove old slabs and install new ones, tailored to your specifications. We lay down dolomite and put down shuttering and drainage if required. Our services include:

• Driveways
• Patios
• Tarmac
• Gravel
• Flagging

Our Process

We take the time to do the job right. All concrete is barrowed in and placed where it is ready to be screeded to the correct levels. Screeding involves pulling the concrete until it is level and at the right height. It is them "tamped" and ready for the floating process.

We use a magnesium bull float to smooth the concrete surface, which gets its ready for the application of the colour hardener. Once the concrete has cured, we wash the excess powder off, cut expansion joints no more than three metres apart, and then leave the surface to cure again prior to sealing.

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